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  • Volunteering Projects in Nepal is a major programme of Bungamati Foundation Nepal. It is registered non-profit social organisation which works for better life of disadvantaged children and women providing an opportunity of RIGHT to EDUCATION.

    We welcome you all who travel to Nepal and wish to do volunteering, we have platform for you. You can involve any project you are interested. You can gain wonderful experiences with us. We have volunteer programme which is suitable for a range of different people of different ages including those taking a gap year, on a career break, who are retired, who are on holidays & travelling, who are doing research and learn.

    Many disadvantaged children and women are out of access of education. The parents are unable to afford for children education. The life is very hard to live because of poverty. The disadvantaged women are not ware on health, sanitation, education. The people live on agriculture and labour.

    Volunteering Projects in Nepal has projects to improve lives of children, women and young. We will match you with your interest, time and skills we will do our best to make your goal happen. Your expertise and extra hands improve lives of disadvantaged children, women and youth. Your time, skills and knowledge can make significant change is child's life. You can gain wonderful experiences in your life with us.

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    Nov 24, 2013
    BFN has started T4T course for 8 teachers of six schools of Bungamati on Monday 9 September "What works in schools". The course has managed for 4 weeks, six days a week from 7: 00 am-9: 30. Marie Louise from the Netherlands has been giving the workshops for 8 teachers. She has been visiting 7 schools, shared course and plan with the headmasters of the schools. She has been observing the lessons of 8 teachers and supporting in the lessons and giving feedback for the improvement. The teachers have been learning class management, knowledge on learning, general teaching skills with full of interest and curiosity. They have been gradually improving capacity for teaching children.
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